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At Beneco Packaging, we promise to give you innovation, speed, quality and service. We understand that speed and accuracy mean everything in the fast-paced manufacturing world. That’s why from design to delivery, Beneco Packaging ensures to get your custom print packaging done, on time and on budget.


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Beneco also offers

Affordable custom box packaging solutions to industries

Such as: Food and confectionary box packaging supplies, Cosmetic and personal care box packaging, Pharmaceutical box packaging
entertainment, stationery, sporting goods as well as other consumer categories. The high efficiency of our manufacturing operations means we can minimize production costs, and aggressively utilize our cost reduction pricing strategy that passes the savings along to you.


Beneco Packaging is an environmentally responsible company, following best green practices at all times.

Beneco commitment to customer satisfaction is our winning marketing formula to many years of customer loyalty and
outstanding customer ratings. Some of the leading box packaging in Canada are being designed, die cut, folded and printed
here at Beneco.